The Beginning of OUR FAMILY!


On February 14, 1985, under the leadership of Reverend Brian Rennick and Mr. Fred Weening, the Bradford Pentecostal Assembly (BPA) was officially launched as a Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) affiliate. The group had already been meeting at the Senior Citizens Club Room at a building on Frederick Street in Bradford, Ontario. They continued there under Pastor Brian's leadership until around 1988, when Reverend David Thorne, a pastor from Newfoundland, stepped in to replace him. The congregation had recognized its need for land on which to build a church home and they had already purchased 3.6 acres on the corner of the 9th Line and Old Yonge Street (Barrie Street) in Bradford.

In February 1990, only five years after its humble beginnings, there was another change of leadership when Reverend Phil Carroll, under whose leadership the church would finally begin a building program, became the Senior Pastor. He worked quickly with the congregation to place a portable on the property and by the end of May they were celebrating Sunday services on the grounds where the church currently stands.

'The facilities were too small for us to have a decent children's program,' remembers Pastor Carroll. 'So, about one year later in spring or summer of 1991, we purchased another portable from a school and placed it on the property.'

The congregation continued to grow with several young families joining until, in March of 1994, partnering with the Western Ontario District of the PAOC through their Ministry Of Trade In Volunteer Effort Project (M.O.T.I.V.E.) BPA began the construction of the present church facility.

"What a thrill it was to be a part of that moment in the history of this congregation," said Pastor Carroll. "Over 200 people from across the District volunteered their time, skills and materials to erect this building. In a space of just under three months the building was completed, we celebrated our dedication service on June 19, 1994 and I continued serving at BPA until June of 1999."

Since then the congregation, continuing to keep up with the times, has undergone further transformation. Following several years under Reverend Jay Black, then a few interim pastor leaders, the church underwent a name change to Bradford Community Church before 2006, when Shane & Becky Fitch took on the role of Lead Pastors.

Throughout the years there were times of much prayer, building, waiting and more prayer by everyone that took on a part of BCCbs early beginnings and its growth. Today, the church is flourishing under Pastors Shane & Becky. BCC's Vision Statement is fulfilled as, weekly, the Lord speaks clearly through the music, prayer and the Word of God that is preached, all of which ushers in Holy Spirit life during Sunday morning meetings. Because of that life, God's message of loving servitude has begun to flow out of the safety of the sanctuary through to the weekly small groups and into the community.

Pastors Shane and Becky Fitch have effectively communicated to a congregation, that loves them deeply, a vision to present Jesus in a meaningful relational way to the community while yet maintaining and standing by the ageless message that Jesus is the "Way the Truth and the Life."