Meet Our Pastors


Pastors Shane & Becky Fitch

Shane and Becky were married in 1999. Since then they have served as youth, music and children's pastors (Goderich, ON) before arriving in Bradford in 2006.

Pastor Shane's passion is to help people build meaningful relationships and attain their God-given destiny. As a gifted and accomplished musician, his servant's heart shines as he works with the BCC music Worship Team, encouraging them to reach higher in developing their craft for the kingdom's sake. His "where the rubber meets the road" humorous style of preaching practical Biblical truth often leaves people wondering if he has somehow been a fly on their wall the past week. Not only does he love music and equipping the family of God to really live, but Shane also is totally into anything pertaining to sports, sushi and his family.

Pastor Becky loves to assist others by equipping them to fulfill their God given dreams. Her defining scripture verse (below) is witnessed by all as it is played out daily in her caring attitude towards everyone, of all ages, and in her diligence in utilizing her gifts to spiritually and physically "build up" the church. She is in her element entertaining people in her home, chatting over a cup of tea. She enjoys scrapbooking, spending time with her family, and...the calming effect of a London Fog.

Interesting Facts about Pastor Shane

Something you always say..."I'm such a dope." AND "He shoots, he scores!!!"

Favorite Song..."It changes all the time - for now it is O Praise the Name by Hillsong."

Must do before you die..."Hear a song I wrote on the radio."

Defining Scripture...Philippians 2:8

Would rather be..."A fantasy sports columnist."

Vacation of choice... "Cruise baby cruise."

Interesting Facts about Pastor Becky

Something you always say... My kids say I say 'be quiet' or 'get your work done' all the time."

Favorite song..."Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crowns."

Must do before you die..."Go to Paris with my love Shane."

Defining Scripture..."Isaiah 61.1-2"

Would rather be..."Scrapbooking or learning how to be a photographer."

Vacation of choice..."Australia/Europe or travel anywhere really."


Pastor Cory Kostyra

Cory was raised in a Christian home and began studying music and saxophone at thirteen years of age. He married Heidi in 1994 and moved to the Bradford area in 1997, where now as an integral part of the church family, Cory serves on the worship team. His distinctive soprano sax can be heard at Sunday service soaring above the the melody line.

Heidi's gift of hospitality and engaging personality is also quickly spotted on Sundays as she attempts to get to just everybody to see how they are doing. She also serves with our young children and plays a leadership role in other church programs.

There's always something to talk about with Cory who enjoys riding his motorcycle, eating sushi, and wearing flip flops everywhere...including church. His outgoing personality and warm smile are appreciated as he welcomes one and all, making visitors feel right at home.

Interesting Facts about Pastor Cory

Something you always say... "What's for dinner?"

Favorite Song..."80's anyone?"

Must do before you die..."Fly a chopper and jump out of a plane."

Defining Scripture..."Micah 7:8"

Would rather be..."Riding my motorcycle."

Vacation of choice..."Want to go on a BIG BOAT!


Pastor Scott Fitch

Recently made Associate Pastor in 2018, Scott is a talented speaker, musician, and mentor, with a heart for both adults and youth. With his years of experience working in various church contexts, Scott brings a unique and complementary skill-set to the BCC Pastoral team! Both Scott and his wife, Jenn, strongly believe in the church family, and this is made evident in their continued investment and love into the church and its families.

Interesting Facts about Pastor Scott

Something you always say... "instead of saying 'you're welcome' I say 'my pleasure'... I also say 'wicked!', which means “awesome” in Scottesian."

Favourite Song... “Right now” By Van Halen."

Must do before you die... "Sing O Canada at the ACC!"

Defining Scripture... "2 Corinthians 5:17."

Would rather be... "On a beach or on a boat."

Vacation of choice... "My best vacay dream would be a trip around the world with my wife visiting the worlds best beaches."